K2 Smash and Grab is a Fitment centre based in Somerset West. We are the official installers for K2 Smash & Grab and offer a variety of options to enhance, protect & preserve your car and it’s security.


Thanks to a specially designed film applied to the inside of your car’s windows, no brick, stone, steel pipe or spark plug will leave you exposed to a smash and grab situation.


And that’s not all! While you are creating an environment of safety for your family inside your vehicle, you will also considerably cut down glare from the sun, reducing its toll on your interior. Not to mention this product tremendously cuts down heat absorption. With state of the art ultra violet reflection qualities, your car will be noticeably cooler after being parked in the sun.


Protect yourself now and install solar automotive film.


We offer Smash & Grab installation, paint protection for the removal of industrial fallout & restoration and prevention.

We also offer a range of accessories with fitment as well as comprehensive valet services including upholstery.

We fetch and deliver in the Helderberg area.





01 Valets

– Mini Valet

– Full Valet

– Premium Valet

02 Accessory Fitments

– Roll Bars

– Tow Bars

– Nudge Bars

– Tonneau Covers

03 Securi-Lid Roller Shutter

– Locks into your tailgate for maximum security

– Roller system allows for accessibility from all sides

– Mounted on top of the load box, the Roll-Top Cover allows for maximum internal loading capacity

04 Paint Protection

– Polished look

– Shield of protection from damaging agents

– Preserves cars paint job

– Increases longevity and resale value

– Cost Effective

05 Smash and Grab

– Increases safety for your loved ones & reduces risk of smash & grab attacks

– Reduces <99% of the sun’s harmful UVA & UV-cancer causing rays

– Increases occupant comfort & reduces interior deterioration

– Reduces 70% heat & increases air-conditioning efficiency

– Guarantee: Every dealer installed SFF product comes with a supplier warranty for the film

06 Polishing

– Corrects paint defects

– Hides spots

– Eliminates scratches

– Makes finish shiny & glossy

– Extends life of the paint job

– Improves resale value

How does it work

Smash & Grab is a vital safety tool for all road users, protecting you from smash & grab incidents and opportunist break ins.


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