K2 is a Smash & Grab installation company situated in Somerset West. We are the official installers for K2 smash & grab and offer a variety of options to enhance your security.


Thanks to a specially designed film applied to the inside of your car’s windows, no brick, stone, steel pipe or spark plug will leave you exposed to a smash and grab situation.


And that’s not all! While you are creating an environment of safety for your family inside your vehicle, you will also considerably cut down glare from the sun, reducing its toll on your interior. Not to mention this product tremendously cuts down heat absoption. With state of the art ultra violet reflection qualities, your car will be noticeably cooler after being parked in the sun.


Protect yourself now and install solar automotive film.


K2 Smash and Grab is a Fitment centre based in Somerset West providing services to the Helderberg basin and surrounding areas.  We offer smash & grab installation, paint protection for the removal of industrial fallout & restoration and prevention of paintwork to a valet service offing either a basic car wash to a full valet service including the upholstery.  We fetch and deliver in the Helderberg area.





01 Increases Safety

– Provides an extra barrier of pretection for increased safety.

– Reduces the risk of “Smash and Grab” attacks.

– Increases privacy of your vehicle from wondering eyes.

– Helps hold shattered glass in place and provides increased safety.

02 Increases Comfort

– Reduces <99% of the sun’s harmful UVA & UV-cancer causing rays.

– Increases skin & eye protection.

– Reduces interior fading and cracking

– Keeps the interior of the vehicle cooler and reduces glare.

03 Reduce Heat

– Reduces up to 70% of the heat.

– Increases air-conditioning efficiency.

– Improves occupant comfort.

– Lessens eye fatigue

– Improves vision and safety.

04 Guarantee

SFF is pleased to have strict quality systems and has been ISO 9001 Certified. Your authorised SFF dealer can have your film professionally installed with little disruption to your daily activities. Every dealer-installed SFF product comes with a supplier warranty for the film.

How does it work

Smash & Grab is a vital safety tool for all road users, protecting you from smash & grab incidents and opportunist break ins.